The world-famous competitions that came to the UK in 2020 made an incredible sensation not only in the field of sports, but also in the field of financial advantages. Such cycling championships contributed to the growth of the UK economy by £40,000,000,000 in 2020.Do not forget about the growth of the betting segment and the development of betting disciplines.

What is the Tour of Britain?

By itself, the competition of the Tour of Britain is a multi-day cycling event, which is held in the UK. The first such championships were held immediately after the Second World War. However, the current Contest of Britain looks like it was modernized in 2005 when it became part of the European tour. This championship has an international rating which was assigned in 2014.

Women’s tour as famous cycling stage of championship

Women’s Contest, cycling race, which takes place in several stages in the UK, was recognized as part of the Women’s World Contest in 2016. The first Women’s Contest was held back in 2009, in support of the men’s series. After the first championship was held, it was decided to include it in the women’s racing of Great Britain.

Tours 2020 became the most profitable

In 2020, these races, which were supposed to be hosted at the beginning of autumn, were delayed to a later period due to the coronavirus pandemic. They lasted two weeks and in those 14 days they were able to gather more than 1,500,000 fans and gamblers from all over the planet. Based on this popularity and excitement, such a year in cycling brought the biggest financial benefit to the UK economy in the history of cycling championships – more than £30,000,000 brought in by the Tour of Britain, and more than £7,000,000 brought in by the Women’s Contest. Compared to 2019, which did not yet have a pandemic, the next year the financial benefit increased by almost £10,000,000.

What is the reason for such success?

In fact, this success of the races is most often attributed to the fact that various sports corporations in the country’s capital throughout Great Britain announced hunches that leading sporting contests can bring very large financial injections into the economy and the betting sector especially, which contributes to the development of financial and betting advantages overall.

The fate of competitions in the next year

In 2022, the Tour of Britain is planned to be hosted in early autumn, and can last for a whole week. The itinerary of such a race has been approved by the International Cycling Organization. As for the Women’s Contest in 2022, it will be held three months earlier, in June, and it will last five days. Peculiarities are not yet available but would be made public in early 2022.