The World Tour is an entire season of bicycle racing that takes place every year and runs from mid-January to the end of October. Such a grandiose championship is usually attended by a variety of teams from different countries and continents, which take part in the races of dozens of competitions. It is not surprising that the almost 10-month racing season attracts the attention of bookmakers and gambling enthusiasts.

UCI – how was it created?

Until 2007, such a global cycling competition did not exist at all, there was its analogue, which ceased to exist in 2007 due to the withdrawal of most of the major Tours from its composition. After such an event, the International Cycling Union decided to organize a new world tour, which will cover almost the whole world. Already in 2005, the global competition calendar included almost 40 multi-day cycling races, which took place in more than 15 countries on different continents.

For successful bets, the format of the tournament should be taken into account

In order to conclude the correct bet and receive a win, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors that relate to the general format of the world competition. First of all, you should take into account that the world competition includes about 40 cycling races, which, as we said, take place in different countries and on different continents – in recent years, such tours have been held in Australia, China, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Therefore, one should take into account the weather conditions of each of the regions, the principles and traditions of cycling races in each country, as well as the condition and availability of a quality line of tracks and roads.

How and what to bet on the UCI WorldTour

Do not forget that cycling races are not a very popular sports discipline. Sergey bookmaker. Therefore, only a few offices accept bets on a global competition.
As part of the global cycling contest, you can make the following bids:

  • Win well in the overall result of the global tour in the season
  • Total number of races that a certain player will win
  • Prize-winning place of a certain team or the whole country
  • A duel of two riders – who will rise higher in the overall ranking

Carefully study all the athletes you want to bet on. One of the good tips we can give you is to bet on the most consistent riders.

The World Tour is a great opportunity to earn money

Since racing takes place almost all year round, if you start from the very beginning of the season in January, then by mid-summer you will be able not only to understand what is happening on the track, but also to make correct predictions and make successful bids on various stages of the Global Tour.