Every year, as part of the international stage of the world cycling tour, a female cycling contest is held. Such a championship has attracted a lot of fans, since it is not every day that you can see how women compete on bicycles with each other.

2017 Women’s Run Highlights

In 2017, like every year, another Women’s Contest was held, which became the fourth stage and took place in the UK. Actions took place on traditional dates – the first half of June, for five days.
In the general cycling event, an athlete from Poland won, and the team in which she was awarded the first place in the general classification on points.
In total, 18 teams from different countries took part in the Women’s Tour 2017. 16 teams out of the total were automatically entered into the Female World Contest.

Characteristics of the 2017 Tour route

Despite the fact that the Women’s Contest in 2017 was supposed to start on June 7, already in mid-February, the International Cycling Association approved the route of cycling events. Since the races came to the UK, the route was quite long. On June 7, the Female Contest kicked off in the central part of Britain, with a cycling event between Daventry and Kettering, which is located in the county of Northamptonshire in the UK. The second, third and fourth stages were also held in settlements in such counties as Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire. The final fifth stage took place in London itself, on the 6.2 kilometers (almost 4 miles) long track we already know, on the same road that is also used in the Tour of Great Britain.

Bets on the races of the Women’s Tour 2017

Although the segment of women’s cycling cannot boast of wide coverage in bookmakers, the international stage of the Female Tour is a world-class event, so such races are presented in many bookmakers with good offers. In 2017, as part of the Female Tour, the largest number of bets were placed on winning the overall standings. The second place in terms of the number of bets was taken by bets on the general classification, in the aisles of which the athletes were awarded bonuses for the finish time. In addition, the third place in terms of the number of bets should be given to the points classification segment, which also included a lot of different bets. Here, bets were placed on getting into the top ten winners in the Female Contest.

Suitable route of Women’s Tour 2017 brought money to bettors

Such a championship should be considered a grand event in 2017. Thanks to a large number of races and a good offer from bookmakers, many players were able not only to enjoy the good performances of the racers, but also to please themselves with tidy sums for winning bets.